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- which aims to save the ocean by cleaning rivers from plastic pollution in a unique circular economy model: River cleaning as a free service™.

The RiverRecycle business model offers ‘problem owners’ - like local, State, and National governments - a sustainable river cleaning service without needing constant funding. All the while providing host communities with jobs and positive social & environmental outcomes.

RiverRecycle’s patented technology cleans rivers by implementing river plastic recovery, land-based collection, mechanical recycling, and chemical recycling to create value from otherwise ‘low-value’ plastic waste.

Their projects aim to support the transition to a circular economy - vital in transforming ocean health - by ensuring that existing plastic waste is recovered and future plastic can remain in circulation for longer.

We are looking for a candidate for a Business Consultant role to help manage projects and execute consultations. Please be in contact if you are interested in the position and we will send specific details.

KoFund helps organizations and startups seek funding, develop operations, and help grow domestically and globally. Currently, we have 100 portfolio clients and growing from large to small companies. We seek to find the best solutions for our clients to enable them to grow. #startups #funding #business #innovation

Our client Vaarnii proud to reveal our collaboration with Henrik Tjaerby: Osa series of outdoor furniture; uncompromising tables and benches built using an exquisitely engineered system of T-shaped beams and joints. Made from innovative Finnish heat-treated pine.

#innovation #sustainability #finance #funding #consultingservices

Now available at Artek Helsinki.

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